In light of the last year's events sparked by the ousting of several prominent (and mostly white) males, I realised that I didn’t have to attempt to suggest drama; but rather I had to attempt to capture the drama that was already there, just under the surface. When I read the number of tweets on Twitter with the #MeToo tag, I began to realise that the problem was much bigger than I’d imagined... And that everyone knew, but that no one spoke out. We’ve all been through a toxic relationship at some point in our lives, most everyone knows what discovering they've been abused or lied to feels like. I ask my subjects to imagine, or recall, a moment in their lives where they remember realising that things weren't as they imagined. That they'd been lied to. These images are about women recalling some sort of mistreatment, mostly at the hands of a boyfriend, though not always. I’m trying to convey what it looks like when you’re alone, thinking about what happened, and there’s no-one looking….